When the Hard Times Come.

Is your church or congregation going through a difficult times? Either corporately, or in their individual lives? The loss of loved ones? Unemployment? Crisis’s of faith? During these desert times, it’s easy to think God has disappeared. In the Walking With God in the Desert church campaign, spend four weeks on what you and your congregation can learn through desert times and discover that it’s only when we are totally dependent on him that we find God is closer than ever.

See the Bible Come Alive.

For those of us who seek to live as God’s people today, it is essential that we understand the stories of Scripture as more than ancient history. The ancient stories of the Bible describe God and define the faith walk of his people. God’s people come to know him by what he does, not by attempting to define him with precise doctrine. God’s people come to live the way he desires by remembering, retelling, and reliving his great redemptive acts.

Like the ancient Hebrews, we need deliverance from bondage. We need to be amazed by God’s power. We need to respond to his voice. As we wander through the deserts of our lives, we need to set our feet firmly on the foundation of depending on God and living by his every word. Their story is our story.

The desert is one of the richest and most helpful images of the Bible. In the hardship and struggle to survive in the desert, we find a metaphor for surviving the desert experiences of heart and soul. We realize that life moves from one desert experience to another. The heat of suffering during these times can be overwhelming. We may be weary and thirsty and find little or no refreshment. And yet, God is with us. He is our provider and our protector, and he will give us just enough. While no one looks forward to the desert experiences of life, knowing that in the heat of those desperate times God will provide just enough is hope enough to live significant and purpose-filled lives.

Walking with God in the Desert sessions include:

  • Join the Journey
  • It’s Hot Here and There’s No Way Out
  • Help Is Here
  • When Your Heart Cries Out
  • They Were Not Wandering
  • Ears to Hear
  • There’s Hope in the Desert