Bible Engagement for Children, Teens, and Adults

The Story is helping people in churches everywhere experience Scripture like never before. Carefully selected verses from the Bible are organized chronologically. From Genesis to Revelation, your church members will come to understand God’s story and how their stories intersect with it.

There’s a new story unfolding. People in churches and in homes everywhere are experiencing God’s Word in a whole new way. The Story Church Campaign Kit provides all the tools you need to draw your congregation, your small group, and your family into the grand, unfolding story of the Bible as one sweeping narrative, arranged chronologically from Genesis to Revelation.

The Story Church Campaign Kit Includes:

For Adults:
• The Story NIV Hardcover book
• The Story 31-week DVD Curriculum
• The Story Participant’s Guide
• The Heart of the Story, by Randy Frazee

For Youth:
• The Story: Teen Edition book
• The Story: Teen 31-week DVD Curriculum

For Children:
• The Story for Kids (ages 9-12)
• The Story for Kids Elementary CD-ROM curriculum
• The Story for Children (ages 4-8)
• The Story for Children Early Elementary CD-ROM curriculum
• The Story for Little Ones (ages 2-5)
• The Story for Little Ones Preschool CD-ROM curriculum
• The Story Trading Cards for Elementary and Preschool (Ages 3 and up)

For Pastors:
 Implementation Guide
• Resource DVD
• Access to Pastor Resources Online Library

The Story can be used in a variety of ways – as a whole church campaign, Sunday school, or small-group study.

Experience The Story: