God Still Speaks. But Is Anyone Listening?

Join bestselling author and pastor Bill Hybels as he casts vision for what life can look like when directed by divine input from above. The Power of a Whisper is a four week campaign in which your congregation will learn to navigate life through whispers from God….whispers that arbitrate key decisions, whispers that rescue you from a dark night of the soul, whispers that spur on growth, whispers that come by way of another person, whispers that open your eyes to the terrible plight people face in this world.

Having the Guts to Follow God.

If you were to honestly say, “God, I’m listening,” what might your life become? Bill Hybels offers seasoned, practical wisdom to help Christ-followers better listen for God’s whispers of direction, challenge, and counsel — and act decisively in response. This four week church campaign helps entire congregations and small groups work through this material, discovering how to:

  • Discern the voice of God from others that vie for your attention
  • Invite His input into your daily routine
  • Allow Him to direct your life in order to make a difference in our world
  • Summon the courage to follow God’s voice as you live “wide open” to Him
The Power of a Whisper Campaign Kit includes:
  • One hardcover book
  • One participant’s guide
  • One DVD containing four small-group video sessions
  • A Getting Started guide

The Power of a Whisper Kit can be used in a variety of ways – as a whole church campaign (adult congregation), adult Sunday school, small-group study, or individual use. The DVD contains four 15—minute video teaching sessions from pastor Bill Hybels and the participant’s guide, provides individual and group activities, between session personal studies, and additional background material that will enhance the experience of the video sessions.

Session titles: