Soul Detox Trailer

Soul Detox First Session

Recognize and Remove Hidden Dangers.

This grace-based preaching series and small group study will challenge your church out of complacency into lives of new, pure, and focused living in a deeper relationship with God. Through concise teaching and honest humor, Soul Detox provides a source of inspiration and encouragement for a faith-filled lifestyle that will keep your congregation free from spiritual toxins.

The Ultimate Spiritual Intervention
In Soul Detox, pastor and best-selling author Craig Groeschel sheds light on relationships, thoughts, and behaviors that quietly compromise our well-being. Soul Detox is the ultimate spiritual intervention. Groeschel provides a source of inspiration and encouragement for a faithfilled lifestyle that will keep you and your church free from spiritual toxins.

This powerful five-week church campaign is designed to help people get free from all the toxins that weigh down their souls and to become even more committed to Christ. Your congregation will be impacted by the message of Soul Detox and will be challenged out of complacency into a life of new, pure, and focused living in a deeper relationship with God.

The Soul Detox Campaign Kit includes:
  • One hardcover book
  • One participant’s guide
  • One DVD containing five small-group video sessions
  • A Getting Started guide

The Soul Detox Kit can be used in a variety of ways – as a whole church campaign (adult congregation), adult Sunday school, small-group study, or individual use. The DVD contains five 15—minute video teaching sessions from pastor Craig Groeschel and the participant’s guide, provides individual and group activities, between session personal studies, and additional background material that will enhance the experience of the video sessions.

Session titles:
  1. Lethal Language: Experiencing the Power of Life-Giving Words
  2. Scare Pollution: Unlocking the Chokehold of Fear
  3. Radioactive Relationships: Loving Unhealthy People without Getting Sick
  4. Septic Thoughts: Overcoming Our False Beliefs
  5. Germ Warfare: Cleansing Our Lives of Cultural Toxins

New York Times bestselling author Craig Groeschel is the founding and senior pastor of, a pacesetting multi-campus church and creators of the popular and free YouVersion Bible App. He is the author of several books, including Fight, Altar Ego, Weird, The Christian Atheist, and It. Craig, his wife, Amy, and their six children live in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Church Campaign Resources for Download: