Jesus Prom Trailer

Jesus Prom First Session

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Love Like Jesus Loves

Wouldn’t it make sense that if we claim we want to be like Jesus, we would want to do what he did? To love as he loved, be with others as he was with them, see with his eyes, dance with his joy, give like he gave, and remember like he remembered?

Nouns need verbs. It’s a requirement that’s more than just a grammatical truth; it’s a spiritual truth. The noun Christian and the noun church require action verbs to fulfill their purpose. That’s why Jesus invites Christians and churches everywhere to perform the greatest action of all: loving people.

Jesus Prom is an extravagant party that celebrates the very people Jesus died to love. You will laugh and cry as you hear teaching from Jon and see testimonies from people who demonstrate the power of using the verbs that Jesus loved. By the end of it, you’ll want to join the dance!

This study guide includes leader helps, discussion questions, conversation starters, and between-session activities to enhance your understanding and application of Jon’s teaching.

Session Titles

  1. love
  2. be
  3. see
  4. dance
  5. remember
  6. give

Jon Weece is married to Allison, and they have two children, Ava and Silas. For the past fourteen years he has been the Lead Follower at Southland Christian Church—a community of fourteen thousand Jesus followers in Central Kentucky who love people in extravagant ways. Prior to moving to Lexington, Jon lived in Haiti for four years.

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