The Prodigal God by Timothy Keller

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Discover the Amazing Depths of God’s Extravagant Love

The Prodigal God is a six week preaching and small group study featuring a dramatic teaching film by Pastor Timothy Keller based on Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son. This series captures the very essence of the Christian message, the Gospel, the extravagant love of the Father for both sons. Both younger and elder brothers in your community will realize that the only way home.

Both younger and elder brothers in your community will realize that the only way home, the only way to finding a place at the table, is through the lavishly, recklessly, extravagant love of a prodigal God.

The Prodigal God Campaign Kit includes:
  • One hardcover book
  • One participant’s guide
  • One DVD containing six small-group video sessions
  • A Getting Started guide

The Prodigal God Kit can be used in a variety of ways – as a whole church campaign (adult congregation), adult Sunday school, small-group study, or individual use. The DVD contains six video teaching sessions from pastor Timothy Keller and the participant’s guide, provides individual and group activities, between session personal studies, and additional background material that will enhance the experience of the video sessions.

Session titles:
  • The Parable
  • The People Around Jesus
  • The Two Lost Sons
  • The Elder Brother
  • The True Elder Brother
  • The Feast of the Father

The Prodigal God is available at retailers everywhere, and online at, ChurchSource, and digitally at The Hub, and

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